Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are licensed with all the cities in which we do business. We are also licensed with the State of Oregon to apply pesticides for moss removal (Lic. # AG-L1081147CPO for moss control). We have business liability insurance, truck insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Yes, we give package discounts: 10% off three or more services. This creates a win-win situation because doing multiple services while we are at your home or business decreases our overhead and reduces your cost. An example of this would be having your gutters cleaned, your house soft washed and your driveway pressure washed. We also run seasonal specials that we email out to our clients, such as “Free patio pressure washing with any service booked.”

No, cleaning your roof correctly will not damage it. That’s why our technicians are rigorously trained, and our methodology is designed to gently remove moss. We use low pressure, high volume water and/or stiff-bristled brushes to remove moss without lifting or damaging shingles.

After we clean the roof, we apply either a liquid solution of sodium hypochlorite or zinc sulfate monohydrate granules to kill any remaining moss and ensure it doesn’t grow right back. Most roofs will stay moss-free for 1-3 years, depending on shade and moisture. If you have us treat it annually with a deterrent, the moss will stay gone permanently.

We recommend you have your gutters cleaned once a year (or 2X if you have a lot of trees). Since your gutters are designed to contain a certain amount of debris, it doesn’t matter greatly when you have them cleaned. What matters most is that you stay consistent and have them regularly maintained so they stay flowing freely.

Yes, and we will be happy to give you a quote, BUT for most homes, we recommend simply installing Gutter Stick heavy-duty downspout filters and having an annual or bi-annual gutter cleaning. This is often the most effective and economical solution.

Both soft washing and pressure washing are effective cleaning methods for different applications. Soft washing relies primarily on surfactants (soap) and sodium hypochlorite to do the cleaning, and pressure washing relies on pressure. Soft washing is a great choice for exterior house washing, while pressure washing is generally the best choice for concrete cleaning. What matters more than either method is having the proper equipment and training to know which cleaning method should be used in any given situation.

We can usually take care of new residential clients within 1-2 weeks of their call, depending on the size of the job. Large-scale jobs such as multi-family properties can usually be serviced within 2-4 weeks from a bid being accepted. If you are under time constraints, just let us know.

To prepare for our arrival and to ensure your safety, please close all your windows and clear any items from the area where we’ll clean. If you need us to lift something heavy, just let us know, and we’ll take care of it. Please make sure gates are unlocked to any areas we need to access and that pets or children remain in the house until we have completed the job, removed our equipment, and secured all gates.

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